Getting my sh*t together

Getting my sh*t together

So I’ve wanted to start consistently blogging for a while now.

…and by “for a while now” I mean I’ve been telling myself I’ll start for over 4 months.

For me, this post is going to be my starting point. My goal is to get a post up every Sunday (…even if it kills me) and see where it goes from there. I thought my first “proper” blog post should be something easy,  a way for you to get to know a little bit about me and why I want to begin blogging.



  1. I’m a Leo. I wouldn’t say that I’m a “firm believer” in astrology, but I definitely believe there are some connections between a person’s sign and personality traits. If you look up the traits of a Leo, I would say most of them sum up my personality quite well.
  2. I’m a storyteller. Even when I was a little girl, I would force my younger sister to let me tell bedtime stories…and trust me, it’s really not as cute as it sounds. I probably forced this nighttime ritual on her until I was at least 14 years old. When my sister finally had enough, I turned to pen and paper, along with the occasional Word doc on my mom’s old laptop.
  3. I’m pretty blunt. If you ask for my thoughts on something, I’ll give you my honest opinion. Now this is both a good and a bad trait of mine. Ask any of my girlfriends who have come to me for advice on boys. It’s not always pretty.
  4. I love a good fun fact. This is pretty plain and simple, I just really like fun facts.
  5. I have a severe shoe obsession. While I love all things fashion, shoes hold a special place in my heart. I honestly couldn’t picture myself ever splurging on a luxury handbag or dress, but something about the perfect sparkly black Larissa 100’s from Jimmy Choo or a drop dead gorgeous cow print Vanelo from Manolo Blahnik just really speaks my language. While I don’t currently own any high end shoes, one of my life goals is to have the most fabulous shoe collection ever seen.
  6. I’m an outfit repeater. Sorry if this offends you, but I am. For example, the butterfly dress I’m wearing in the picture above is something I’ve owned for over 5 years…and I wear it ALL the time.
  7. I believe that beauty is important. Now hold on a sec and let me explain. What I mean by that is I am a firm believer that every single person is beautiful, and that they should be proud of what makes them as an individual unique. In a world where every good angle and pimple-free day is posted onto social media, it’s easy for us to pick ourselves apart for every teeny, tiny flaw we have. Now I’m no superhuman, but I try and challenge myself to write down two things that make me beautiful, everyday. And I hope you try and do the same!


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